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  • Best Pots and Pans for Your Holiday Feasts

    11/16/16 ,via

    Manufacturers count a lid as one of the pieces in a boxed set, and the lid might fit several pots and pans in the set. • A Dutch oven is a nice extra that's good for braising meats and cooking stews. • Skillets have curved sides, and sauté pans have

  • Pie expert shares her slice of secrets

    I put all the ingredients for my apple pie into a bowl, then turned it into a braising pan, turned the heat very low and started cooking slowly until I could just barely get a fork in. Don't cook them down all the way, get them where they're a little

  • Make Ricardo's tender wine-braised short ribs

    11/10/16 ,via Toronto Star

    When a co-worker asked visiting chef Ricardo Larrivée if there was a way to bypass searing meat before braising, he joked that she should just order a pizza if she's short on time. Seriously if you're going to cook, you might as well do it properly to

  • Ultimate Tailgate with Southern Chefs: Beef Brisket Chili |

    10/27/16 ,via

    Chef Joey Dickerson from Fancy's On 5th in Birmingham shows Lauren Sisler how to make a simple yet satisfying meal for your tailgate that has proven to be a 

  • 4 Thankfully Unexpected Pie Recipes For The Thanksgiving Table ...

    10/30/16 ,via Wall Street Journal

    These recipes were all adapted from “Art of the Pie: A Practical Guide to Crusts, Fillings, and Life” by Kate McDermott, published this month by Countryman 

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  • This NYC chef just made a braised pork belly white castle slider

    11/17/16 ,via

    Chef Jordan Andino has made a lasting mark during his time amongst the NYC cuisine scene—with multiple television appearances under his belt, this young culinary creative is making waves with his fusion of Filipino and Mexican cooking techniques in his ...

  • This is the Season to Make Cider-Braised Chicken Legs

    11/17/16 ,via Epicurious

    Right now I'm braising chicken in my fresh apple cider ... Still under the influence of Alsace, I finish the meal by making a creamy pan sauce (no one believes in sauce more than the French do). Yes, making the sauce means an extra five minutes before ...

  • WINE WITH…Beef Braised in Beer (Carbonade a la Flamande)

    11/15/16 ,via

    As Julia Child points out in the introduction to her recipe for Carbonnade in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, beef simmered in beer rather than in the more common red wine braise has a very different taste profile. Mellow, nutty, and richly flavored ...

  • apple pear cranberry crisp with white wine + a le creuset giveaway!

    11/17/16 ,via

    I have a great giveaway today in celebration of the release of The Vanilla Bean Baking Book: this fantastic Le Creuset braiser pan! I received this braiser about a year ago, and it instantly became my favorite kitchen item. I use it for everything – both ...


Braisers | Le Creuset

Visit Le Creuset for cast iron and stainless cookware, bakeware, pots, pans and kitchen & bar tools. Shop by color and material or find a store near you.

Braiser | Le Creuset

Braising uses both wet and dry heats to break down tough cuts of meat and tenderize fresh vegetables. A braiser is perfect for family meals, whether used for a hearty ...

How to Braise Everything : The Reluctant Gourmet

Learn what is braising, the science behind it and some simple steps to braise correctly.

Chasseur Cookware - Chasseur Products

Enameled Cast Iron Cookware. Chasseur enameled cast-iron cookware is manufactured in France, where, for decades, it has been widely used in commercial kitchens and ...

Crane Cookware

Crane is a small, independent cookware company. Our products are made from vitreous enameled, sand-cast iron by one of France's oldest foundries.

Braising | Cookware On Sale UK

Braising | Cookware On Sale UK

illustrated did includes a perfect for the rated enameled pots

illustrated did includes a perfect for the rated enameled pots

Cookware :: Pots and Pans :: Braising pan :: Gastrolux Braising Pan ...

Cookware :: Pots and Pans :: Braising pan :: Gastrolux Braising Pan ...